“Getting ready for my last shortstack rehearsal.. These 8 months have been amazing with all of my shortstack sisters. and as we have worked so hard lets us truly enjoy this last rehearsal and be confident that we will all kick some serious butt down that runway on Thursday!” – Frannelys Frias, 8th Season Shortstack Model “My family and I wanted to thank you Tracy, Olivia, Hal and the rest of the Shortstack volunteers for putting on a tremendous fashion show and giving our petites a chance to walk on the runway and most of all, believe in themselves. ..This is an amazing empowerment program.”

– Connie Siracusa, Parent

“I cannot begin to tell you how happy we were with the Love in Action elective. You truly made a difference and hope that you will be able to continue with us.

– Melinda Spataro, Veritas Leadership Academy

“Anyone who comes to The Inner You group can see they are like one big family, which is very different than a lot of other groups. They have grown into this big friendly unit, making anyone feel welcomed. They are so happy to be there, and hate when they have to miss a session, because for many people this is the only place they feel safe and can be themselves without being judged. From the leaders who once suffered from the same issues, or are still suffering, to the individual members of the group, they have all grown in their own ways, helping each other and benefiting one another.”

– A. Grafton, Mental Health Counseling Intern

“The girls (and adults!) of Shortstack have such great energy and a sense of belief, focus and pride in what their doing that is very palpable and needs to be showcased. Beyond that, the fact that their knowledge and grasp of what it takes to model and their dedication to learning the craft comes through loud and clear… These girls are young and their youth is very refreshing to see — but they also have a great sense of self and confidence… Plus they are very hip, upbeat, and positive!”

– Celia Peters, Film Maker and Artist

“half full story of the day: my day with hal. Energetic. Passionate. Resilient. Patient. Determined. Creative. Friend. Listener. Giver. Selfless. Happy. Compassionate. Empathetic. Driven. Forgiving. Understanding. Connector. Trustworthy. Committed. Reliable. Caring. Tireless. Today, it’s about Hal Eisenberg … I couldn’t be happier that we have this opportunity to work together.”

– Rebecca Twitchell, half full

“I don’t know if you know this, but before I came to your program I was popping pills left and right to escape from all the pain that life has in store for me. When I got more involved you made me realize that I don’t need drugs to help me escape from reality because just letting it all out to your trusted staff is a much better high. I can’t thank you all enough for being there when I need it the most.”

– A.B. 12th grade, Little Neck, NY

“Being a part of WOO is like having a second family. I have never been more supported by people in my life. Not only has WOO given me friends for life, it’s helped raise my self-confidence when I thought it never could be raised. WOO has given me the personal and people skills to be able to overcome my fear of public speaking and interactions with others. I fully and truly believe as a Junior in college right now, that I would not be where I am if I was not a part of WOO.”

– Kate Herman, Youth Advisory Board Member, St. Johns University

“Webster’s Dictionary states the following: (a) Window: A means of entrance or access. (b) Opportunity: A favorable juncture of circumstances. A good chance for advancement or progress. I find it hard to imagine that two simple words from the English language, once conjoined, could be more powerful and important in our daily lives. One only has to think of what wonders humanity could achieve, if only, each one of us, could be that Window and provide some Opportunity for our fellow man. I say “Bravo” to all the unsung heroes associated with ‘The Barbara Harmon Institute’ and ‘Windows of Opportunity’ for their tireless work, selfless acts and many contributions in the pursuit of creating a better life for all.”

– Rick D. Levine, Believer, Cousin of Barbara Harmon

“I never imagined 6 years ago that my dreams would come true. I set out to create Shortstack to begin changing the standards, to begin changing the way we look at the modeling industry, as well as the way we do HIV education amongst my peers. We have accomplished so much, yet I know this is only the beginning. From newspaper interviews to an appearance on Fox 5, to the amazing girls in my program, and much more, I am truly blessed. I am honored to be at the heartbeat of this organization.”

– Olivia Mignone, Shortstack Program Director, WOO Board of Directors

“Here at WOO we look to see the light in others, to work for and with all who wish to be a part of a community which not only helps but grows to guide, respect, and learn from each other.”

– Kinjal Panchal , Director, WOO Chicago

“Finally, an organization that celebrates our youths’ commitment to go far and beyond preconceived expectations and set the bar high to undoubtedly lead the movement of progressive thinkers of the 21st century.”

– Jamie Corrodus, Assistant Director, Shots 4 Tots

“Shortstack is part of the synergy that helps teens draw connections between all aspects of their lives and the communities in which they live as they develop essential skills. The youth influence the programs as well, using their own knowledge to develop new practices and fine-tune established ones in collaboration with others.”

– A&U Magazine

“WOO gives everyone whom becomes part of the WOO family, inspiration, and the opportunity to inspire others. WOO teaches, and offer the opportunity for young people to become the teachers. WOO celebrates individuality, yet over and over proves, that no matter your age, your strengths, or your weaknesses… when you come together and support one another, there is no limit to what goals can be achieved!”

– Alyson Gural, Parent of Participant

“You have been of great assistance to our school community. I do hope that this economic crisis that we are all in will soon pass. Good luck and thank you again for all that you do and continue to do for the betterment of OUR world.”

– Roxanne Greco Ashley, Superintendent, Roosevelt Children’s Academy

“Woo has given me something to believe in and a reason to move forward in life. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing organization!”

– Deborah Noto, Board of Directors

“Since I have been in your leadership program the past 2 years, I feel like I have changed tremendously. I talk a lot more than I did the first 3 years of high school and this class has helped me to overcome numerous obstacles in life. From lessons to sessions it has helped me to gain knowledge and wisdom that I never would have acquired if it wasn’t for you.”

– Nancy T, 12th grade, Bayside, NY

“On so many levels I just want you to know HOW AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL last night’s event was! So many people came up to me in the gallery during intermission to say how wonderful and professional the benefit was. No one EVER gets the true impact on what it takes to put a fundraiser like this together; but you, Tracy and the whole crew kept running so smoothly! All the hard work, dedication, sweat and tears of the staff was truly inspirational.”

– Regina Rossi-Lamothe, L.M.S.W.

“I think it was a great idea to have a fashion show with shorter girls. How often we let others determine our self worth; it was great thinking about the auditions where it wasn’t the star quality, but hard work that determined the participants. From age 13 to 25, kids have a very rough time; hormones, peer pressure, experimenting, relationships, parents and family pressures, I don’t know how we survived???”

– Tony R., Guest at the 2nd Annual Shortstack Fashion Show

“Just a quick thank you for the wonderful program you did last night. The turnout was large and the discussion was incredible. The feedback from the kids and the youth committee was very positive.”

– Alan Rothman, USY Director, Merrick, New York

“Being able to sit in a room full of peers and speak freely without being judged is something I never got to experience until I came to your program. Outside the four walls of your program exists a hostility that disappears once we step through your door.”

– A.S. 12th grade, Bayside, NY

“I am now in Queens College majoring in sociology & psychology — and I chose my major by thinking of you and everything you taught me in your class from the quotes to helping each other.”

– Amanda G., Flushing, NY

“Hal Eisenberg’s greatest talent?” I answered: “talented in so many ways… damn good drummer, organizer, mover and shaker, song writer, world changing unstoppable machine of a man who will change the stars if he’s determined to do so.”

– Rachel Singer, Former WOO YAB Member

“Being a part of WOO has unlocked opportunities and resources that I did not know even existed in my community.”

– Christina Morgan, make-up artist and adult volunteer

“WOO is a place where all windows are open for you to possibly climb through and they give you the help to do so.”

– Scott E., 12th grade, Hicksville, NY

“WOO gives me a chance to put some love back into the world through music. It’s a wonderful feeling doing good and having your friends involved in it too.”

– Allison Timpa, former participant and current adult volunteer

“Being a part of WOO did not only educate me about the importance of support and prevention, but it has also shown me personally how to deal with my teen issues and how to teach other teens how they can overcome their own.”

– Jennifer Workman, Youth Advisory Board Member

“I became a new person by taking part in all of the WOO workshops this year. It opened my eyes and taught me how serious these situations were. I hope you can come to my high school and speak your words of change.”

– Malik N. 8th grade Leadership Program, Long Island, NY

“Thank you for everything. I like all of the workshops but my favorite was stereotypes. I learned that you can be yourself no matter what you do or what people say. Thank you for building up my confidence and for believing in myself.”

– Hannah, 8th grade student

“Windows of Opportunity will touch a lot of lives at a critical time in these kids life. It is a very strong force for self esteem and leadership of the next group of young adults. All your sacrifice and hard work will bear fruit for many years to come. I know you receive by giving, you are blessed.”

– Tony R., Guest at 2nd Annual Shortstack Fashion Show

“The facts about bullying and cyber bullying really amazed me.”

– Kenyah B., 7th grade, Roosevelt, N.Y.

“I’ve never had this much fun while learning before.”

– Anonymous evaluation

“I learned a lot from you guys but the thing I loved the most was when Olivia taught us about HIV. She taught me how to be careful in the future. She probably saved my life and many others.”

– Jomiel G. 8th grade, Roosevelt, N.Y.

“Hal, it was a real pleasure to work with you!!”

– Hillary L., FEGS Social Worker, Syosset, NY

“The presentation was very fun and interactive!”

– Anonymous Evaluation Form

“I have learned so much and I will carry everything you taught with me.”

– Tiara J. Roosevelt Children’s Academy

“WOO is a family that helps and won’t desert you… it changes lives of others and it will help you move forward…”

– Nina T., Bayside, NY

“The main workshops I liked were bullying, anger management, HIV and respecting your body. Thank you for helping me learn to somewhat control my anger.”

– Brianna C., 8th grade student

“You guys are great. You guys broke everything down so that I could understand. Thank you for answering all of my questions.”

– Mylaiasia L, 7th grade student.

“Thank you to WOO for running our after school program! I loved the quotes and workshops!”

– ‘Lil’ Kay, Roosevelt, NY

“I liked learning about bullying. It helped me a lot with the problems I was having at school.”

– L.L., Freeport, NY

“I like that your workshops are very real and truthful. They helped me express feelings I do not normally get to express.”

– Kanyan B. Long Island, NY

“Great show! Thanks for helping us with the students, preparing and organizing. They definitely could not have done it without your help!”

– Sue M., Administrator, Little Neck, N.Y.

“My favorite workshop this year was HIV 101. It was the most memorable because I could not believe that someone a few years older than me could know all that information. I want to join your leadership program!”

– Destiny D., Roosevelt Children’s Academy

“Your class makes people more open minded, less ignorant and more aware. Your class taught me how to deal with my problems better. You made me realize things about myself and what I want to be.”

– Ashley F., Bayside, N.Y. 11th grade

“You really don’t understand how grateful I am for your program. I have truly gained so much from becoming involved with Windows. Not only have I been able to help others, but I have been able to help myself. Thank you so much for absolutely everything.”

– Kayla M., 12th grade, Rego Park, NY

“Your workshop was voted most popular at our conference this weekend! Thank you!”

– Administration, University of Albany

“I just wanted to thank you for putting on the benefit for my son. Everyone was so kind and supportive. I will never forget it. God Bless.”

– Bereaved Parent

“Thank you for always having something positive to say. Seeing how you all handle your responsibility and more with such professional grace has set the standard by which I will strive for.”

– Bryan S., 12th grade, Forest Hills, NY

“I want to congratulate you on realizing your dream. I think that you have a wonderful heart and will see this (WOO) grow into something the community will come to rely on and hold in high regard, for the wonderful work you are doing with our children. I’m proud to know the man at the helm, though I know you had a great deal of help along the way.”

– Liz C.

“Keep saving the world!”

– Diane C. Teacher, Flushing, NY